Who we are

We are a defiant art consortium. Not bound by any conservative ideas. We deliver handmade abstract paintings on canvas. Prioritizing quality over quantity, we bring to life unique one-of products that cannot be repeated. Each PICTURA painting represents a different state of mind, human nature's deepest sentiments and a variety of feelings that can only be expressed through art.

What inspires us

Easel with THIMOS in the background

100% Handmade

All our products in PICTURA are handmade, one by one. This
is what we perceive as the beauty of our non-repitable paintings.

With each execution, unique results are brought to life. Paint is placed in each canvas with unique manners of both splashing and drawing. Our paintings are not just made up. They are inspired, thought of, planned and then carefully executed.

We believe in the uniqueness of the human soul, and as a result in the uniqueness of our depictions.

Take a look at our collections
  • Abstract PICTURA painting in the middle next to other PICTURA paintings

    Our materials are of the finest quality. Both the canvases as well as the paint, pass through a very strict quality control in order for us to deliver the best results to fit our customer’s expectations.

  • Easel next to PICTURA paintings

    Our virtues stand before sheer inspiration and customer satisfaction through refined materials and craftmanship.

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In PICTURA, we are pro-environment. We hate waste. We don’t waste. Not one drop of paint, not one inch of canvas.

Everything is carefully sorted through our creations in order to preserve the raw materials and reuse resources.

Our packaging is recyclable and we are constantly pivoting through our 100% eco-friendly vision.